Entry #1


2013-05-31 07:12:50 by NicoleGreyson

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC02z-ehL48H1hPHT sAPhmJg/videos?view=0

The link above will take you to my YouTube channel, where you can look through some of my current submissions!


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2013-06-01 00:50:28

The audio sounds a little canny in spots, but your performances are very solid!!

NicoleGreyson responds:

Yeah, unfortunately I'm on that struggling actress budget. Haha. I wish I had better equipment, but it's not in the cards right now. But I'm glad you enjoyed them!


2013-06-02 22:57:16

Necessity is the mother of all invention :)


2014-08-10 10:55:02

SG-NG? Interesting piece... let me know if you come back to NG! Hope all's well in your world :)

NicoleGreyson responds:

Hi there, been forever since I've been on Newgrounds...

Anyway, yeah The SG piece ("Support Group") was a 48 hour film project I was a part of about two years ago in Seattle. I've been in 5 film projects since this one. If you look up Coming To by Tyler Heathman on Youtube, that is my longest project to date, roughly 20 min. But not my most recent.


2014-10-31 20:05:27

Ah, this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxCsWEHGyPo Fine piece of work, though the old man kinda overplayed his accent and intonations a bit much. Quality shooting by the DP as well. Must've felt risky going in, huh? Or had you worked with Tyler Heathman before, and knew what to expect? You carried that particular piece very well, quite professional.

You could always create a demo for your voice acting, upload it here. I have a buddy in Tacoma, who I used to do film work with (back here in NJ), but he's got a good day job and kids now... but I will ask him about our old craft, maybe there's some productions going on by him. Ah, if only NG had a video portal when it first started up...

NicoleGreyson responds:

Sorry for the delay in response, it has been a busy year! Thank you! It was a great learning process, I've had a lot more training and projects since then, so I'm really hoping to get a demo for my voice acting together soon and start putting myself out there. I'm currently in preproduction for a short film I wrote and will be directing, but after we finish shooting I'll be ouy at auditions for film once again.


2015-02-28 01:56:10

The delay's fine and understandable... I'm currently phasing this site out of my life :\

Good to hear you're still busy! Really glad you wrote something yourself, hope the production goes well enough for you to act, without undue distraction... that's what nearly did me in, at times. It's like, you gotta get the pre-drama (direction, lighting, sound, sets, staging...) out of the way, before you can conduct some drama of your own - not easy!

NicoleGreyson responds:

Absolutely! It has been a wild ride so far, and it's only going to get mpre intense. We are shooting our teaser rrailer this week, so things are really starting to get going now. I completely understand phasing this site out, I am in the same boat. I've found a lot of other sites and groups that have been much more beneficial for me, and just offering a wider range of opportunity.